If you are contemplating a divorce or legal separation, facing a paternity action, or attempting to modify a custodial order or support obligation you may have fears and concerns about entering into litigation, such as:


  • "Will my case be contentious?"

  • "Will I have to go to court?"

  • "Do I have any control over the outcome?"

  • "Can I afford litigation?"

  • "How long will it take?"


Often contested family matters can be acrimonious, expensive and frustrating.​  In the end, one party may feel like he or she is the loser, while the other party is the winner.  Sometimes litigants in family law actions feel they have no control over the results of the case.


However, you may prefer to avoid the adversarial posture that often accompanies traditional litigation in favor of a more cooperative method to resolve your family law matter.

Indeed, there are various peaceful alternatives to successfully resolving family law issues and disputes. One such popular and cost-effective alternative is mediation.  Mediation is a confidential process wherein parties meet and work together to amicably settle their issues with the assistance of a neutral third party, the mediator.  In mediation, the parties create and adopt mutually acceptable solutions to the issues presented.  The parties may then participate in the preparation and filing of legally enforceable judgments and orders without having to go to Court or appear before a Judge.    


Attorney Leea K. Summerville is a certified specialist in the field of family law and a trained mediator.  She understands the difficulty, confusion and anxiety a person experiences when faced with a divorce or dealing with other family law issues. Through her mediation practice, Ms. Summerville is committed to assisting parties toward peaceful resolution of their problems.  Ms. Summerville's compassion, background and experience enable her to provide her mediation clients with the highest level of service.  



Whether you are about to commence a family law action, or respond to one, or you represent yourself in an ongoing case, you may have many questions but are not ready or do not wish to retain an attorney.  For example, you may feel it is time to modify a support or custodial order and have questions regarding timing, or how much you may have to pay in the future. You may be considering filing an action to end your marriage and wonder just what is involved. You may represent yourself and have questions about what to do next, or have drafted a proposed judgment that you would like an attorney to review prior to filing.  


A consultation is a cost-effective way to ask questions, get advice regarding your rights and how best to protect them and to obtain information about the family law process without making a long-term financial commitment to an attorney.


Contact attorney Leea K. Summerville to schedule a consultation to discuss your family law questions.





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